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Nov 1 / Viji Iyer

Life’s Dilemma: Trick or Treat?

Photo by BEE FREE - PGrandicelli

Halloween just came and went and now we are left with barely two months before this year vanishes. While the kids must be totally charged and living the moment dressed up in creative costumes and high on candy, you can’t help wonder in retrospect where did the past ten months go? Did life treat me well, or was I tricked into making hasty and regretful choices?

I’m sure most of us must have started 2011 with high hopes, eager anticipation and maybe even wrote down a few constructive goals to accomplish this year. There is always something exciting and adventurous about starting a new year wondering what it might hold for us as individuals. It’s like the creative and colorful imagination of a six year old who tries to figure out what am I going to dress up as, and who am I going to be this Halloween?

For some, I bet this year turned out just as well as they imagined and had planned for it. So kudos to that! For others their path may have been a bit circuitous, you take a slight detour as life throws you a curveball, and we get reeled into a slightly different path than what we started off with.

Our goals and expectations from life may be myriad ranging from finding a good job, to going back to school for an advanced degree, or saving up for the dream house, running a marathon, or perhaps losing the last 10 stubborn lbs! We all choose our own life path that’s relevant and important to us. At some junction of our lives we all get cornered to make a choice that might intimidate or overwhelm us. For some that might mean shedding back a bit of ourselves, or chasing other goals that may have taken over as our new priorities.

Don’t let those life decisions trick or scare you! Its times like that when we have holidays like Halloween where kids remind you that whether you turn up as the fairy princess or the giant green ogre its ok to treat yourself once in a while and not forget to laugh and have fun! The more important thing is to own and embrace who we evolve to be over time, and keep trudging on with renewed energy without worrying too much about what the next corner may hold for us. Happy Holidays everyone! Enjoy the present!
  • Vaish

    Very nice writing Viji. Beautifully expressed!!!

  • Viji Iyer

    Thanks Vaish! :-) Happy Halloween to you and the kids!

  • Vivek Iyer

    The chase in life becomes a memorable one only when we take time to laugh and enjoy during the chase. Good post and awesome writing :)  

  • Viji Iyer

    Well said! Thanks for your comment Vivek. Enjoyed going through your blog as well.

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