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What is it about the universal language of sports that unites us unequivocally?

Wolfpack fans. Picture by dtraleigh

The other day, my husband was watching the college game between NC State vs. Cincinnati on ESPN while I was fighting for the remote to toggle channels between commercial breaks. Yup, don’t judge me, I’m not much of a sports buff as he is! But as they were showing a pan shot of the audience, […]


How do ‘you’ stand apart in this world of competition?

Picture by MrB-MMX

Everybody faces competition and has to tackle one-upmanship during his or her lifetime. I was born in India and exposed to competition right from my formative years. India is currently home to about 1.15 billion people, representing a full 17% of the earth’s population. With such a sheer population explosion and finite resources there’s inherent […]

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