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What makes for a proficient PR professional?

Steve Polilli

How a company’s public image is perceived has a lot to do which what is being written and published about them in the news. It takes skilled public relations practitioners to build and strengthen a brand though their content. I spoke to one such expert, Steve Polilli from SAS asking him to share some of […]


HTTP://WWW…What We’ve Witnessed

Our social era

If you wanted to see a dinosaur fossil where would you look? If you wanted to see the first turtle submarine where would you go? If you wanted to see the first computer where would you find it? If you wanted to find out your ex-friend’s current “status” where would you look? You catch the […]


On-camera Etiquette:The Dos and Don’ts of your Digital Persona


Whether you are in-focus in front of the camera or behind the lens using your smart phones, it’s important to watch how you portray yourself in front of others. With our increasing participation as an invited speaker or as an active audience member we ‘all’ have a role to play particularly while attending corporate events and conferences. Here are some quick and easy dos and don’ts to keep in mind.


Life’s Dilemma: Trick or Treat?

Photo by BEE FREE - PGrandicelli

Halloween just came and went and now we are left with barely two months before this year vanishes. While the kids must be totally charged and living the moment dressed up in creative costumes and high on candy, you can’t help wonder in retrospect where did the past ten months go? Did life treat me […]


Do you have the green thumb to grow your company’s brand?

Copyright Photo by @ShekharKalyanam

When a consumer walks into a store with the intention of buying let’s say – coffee, and stares at an aisle stocked with a dozen different makes.  What do you think is running in her head when she reaches out and chooses that particular one and adds it to her cart? I find that making […]


Find your sustainable edge and hear from SAS thought leaders

Photo by country_boy_shane

I first wrote this blog post for the Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) group while contracting at SAS. They have been gracious yet again, in letting me repost it here. One unique trait of us as humans is our resilience and creativity in the face of adversity. Our ability to think creatively towards a solution is […]


Why do informational interviews matter to your career?

Photo by ankakay

I first wrote this blog post for the Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) group at SAS. They have been gracious in letting me repost it here. I believe that no matter where you are in your career path – beginner, experienced or advanced – it’s important to stay on your toes and nurture the quality of […]


Reflecting on the Recurring Themes to Success

Photo by FindYourSearch

I recently attended a webcast at SAS initiated by Women’s Initiatives Network (WIN) group and wrote this post for their internal blog. It was a lunch and learn and they have been gracious in letting me repost it here. As part of WIN, I was glad to attend and participate in both of the recent events. […]


Live tweeting at events – tips and tricks

Photo by wissam_ali

I first wrote this post for the SAS blog Conversations and Connections. SAS has been great to let me repost it here. Live tweeting offers a great way to stay plugged in to the key happenings around an event both for attendees and for those unable to attend the event physically. Typically, when it comes […]


New words

Photo by jovike

Modern English sometimes described as the first global lingua franca used for international businesses continues to be one of the most dominant language spoken across the globe. It has evolved and gone through interesting transitions over the centuries. (Some of the earliest words coined trace back to their ancient Greek and Latin roots.) When I […]

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